Yew Tree Farm


Project Brief

I stumbled upon Yew Tree Farm's website when searching for my local farm shop. My initial thought was the website was a little outdated and it did not a very good job in showcasing or communicating the different aspects of the farm well. I also realised that the website was not responsive, which is really really important.


Full website design

My Role




The Solution

I wanted to create a strong branding for the already well established farm and although they have been established for over 30 years, they have not a logo. With this is mind I wanted a logomark that would be versatile and recognisable enough to be used as its own stand-alone element. I choose a Yew Tree design to depict the Farm's name. From this I then went on to planning the layout by creating wireframes. Once I was happy with the look of the wireframes I devised a basic styleguide to plan colour scheme, font choices and logo variations.

It was important that the website was responsive so I created a design with mobile in mind. Designing with a layout grid for Bootstrap in Sketch.